Start the day full of energy

How many times have we heard about the importance of breakfast? A good breakfast is essential to start the day full of energy to carry out our activities. However, we continue to have little or no breakfast because we wake up without appetite or in a hurry.
Professionals reiterate the great importance of not skipping breakfast. Since, first of all, you haven't eaten anything for many hours, and the body needs to replenish energy. It seems contradictory, but people who eat a good breakfast have fewer weight problems and those who don't have problems with poor memory and concentration and, of course, have a bad temper throughout the day.

Have a good breakfast to recharge the battery

Breakfast represents the breaking of the fast, thanks to these foods, the body can stay strong, with higher levels of concentration and energy throughout the morning.
By skipping breakfast and spending a long period of time without eating, people, especially children, could suffer from various physical, intellectual and behavioral problems.
However, many times we skip this meal, because we are in a hurry, because of laziness or because of the false idea that by eliminating one meal a day, one can lose weight more quickly.
People who eat breakfast eat more calories, fiber, and cholesterol in their overall diet. But those who ate breakfast also had diets with less trans fat. The latter are responsible for an increase in inflammation at the systemic level, according to a study published in Progress in Lipid Research.

What can include a balanced breakfast?

A balanced breakfast can include:
Dairy products: It is better that they are whole products. Mainly milk or yogurt are ideal. They provide vitamins, proteins and calcium.
Fruits: It is a basic element, if you also take it with skin to give you the fiber you need. They also contain minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins.
Cereals or whole wheat bread: They have not only carbohydrates from which to extract energy, but also fiber.
Protein: For example ham and eggs. But be careful, you should not exceed this ingredient.
Coffee or infusions.
It is important to keep in mind that breakfast should provide around 25% of the daily caloric intake. We must try to combine the different elements in a balanced way, so that the body can absorb the necessary nutrients.

Fasting protocols

Despite what has been said, a series of intermittent fasting protocols have now become popular. These have shown benefits in terms of weight loss and general health improvement. However, they cannot be applied in any context.
For example, in the case of children, adolescents and pregnant women, caloric restrictions should be avoided, since this can negatively condition tissue development.

Avoid trans fats at breakfast

One of the main problems in the breakfast of many is the presence of unhealthy products, with a high content of simple sugars and trans fats. This class of elements is capable of increasing inflammation in the body, as well as the chances of getting sick.
Therefore, when planning a breakfast, it is essential that you include quality foods, such as the ones we have mentioned. This way you will ensure that you carry out an adequate supply of nutrients to guarantee the proper functioning of the body during the day.

Eating a good breakfast is key

In any case, if you have doubts about how to make a good breakfast, what products to include or how to distribute them throughout the week, it is best to consult a professional or nutritionist.
A professional in the field can help you find a good, healthy and balanced diet. This way you will be able to maximize the benefits of taking care of the first meal of the day.